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Godzilla vs. Terminator Prologue
There hasn't been a name that elicits such wonder and fear since Jesus Christ. And like Christ himself, Godzilla is a name that remains fresh in humanity's mind, even generations after he last appeared.
The monster first appeared in Japan seven years after we dropped nuclear bombs on two of their cities. In 1945 the American government killed over two hundred thousand people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It was the first time we had used nuclear weapons against our enemies, and when we saw the destruction it would cause we decided to never use them again. There were two problems with that, though. In the long term we would provide the blueprints that would lead to our ultimate demise, and in the short term we would give birth to the world's greatest threat.
Some say he was a mutation caused from the radiation during that dark time in human history. Others say he had always existed somewhere in the deep that we had not yet explored, and our thirst for blood and vengeanc
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The Brave Little Monster Slayer
Our story pertains to a peculiar little lad named Paul.
He was a timid young boy, imaginative, but meek and small.
He would race throughout the house by light of day,
and proclaim his fearlessness to all manners of evil, come what may.
He would warn his mother about the monsters she could see if she would just look,
but she was wise enough to credit his tales to his strange preference of books.
King, Koontz, Lovecraft and the Vault of Horror laid strewn about his bedroom floor,
and the little boy with something to prove would always beg her for more.
And so it went day after day for the tiny titan of the macabre.
Facing the fears he created in his mind became a full time job.
He had little patience for the other kids at school.
Those who would point their fingers and laugh at the freaky fool.
His teachers grew tired of the company he preferred to keep,
whether they be monsters or myths or old Gods from the deep.
He was suspended and isolated for scaring the other kids,
but he never cou
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Warcraft - Ghosts of Draenor Prologue
Jaceyn Ramis was nervous. Actually, nervous was a desirable alternative to whatever he was right now. He was sweating buckets, despite his lips being so dry that he kept running his tongue over them like some kind of pervert. He fumbled around with the folder in his hands to check his watch, which he had done every twenty seconds to make sure he was on time.
He had been sitting there for an hour waiting for a meeting that technically started thirty minutes ago. He was blatantly uncomfortable now, and became more so every time the pretty blood elf receptionist asked him if there was anything she could get him. He noticed the soft giggling behind her desk and exchanged awkward glances with her and a coworker every time he circled his tongue to moisten his kisser.
The handsome young scientist tried to ignore the hecklers and looked over his notes to make sure they were in perfect order. Everything had to be just right to impress the big wig he was there to see. The odds of getting a one o
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#BringBacktheFunny by lastchancelimited #BringBacktheFunny :iconlastchancelimited:lastchancelimited 1 0 Believe in the Shield by lastchancelimited Believe in the Shield :iconlastchancelimited:lastchancelimited 4 0
The Fading Star of Idealism
When I was a child all I wanted to be was a star.
I was boisterous by nature and a standout by far.
In my later years I realized that stars are exceptional only in name,
Unique in a way but surrounded by a sea of billions of the same.
We fool ourselves into thinking that we're more important than we really are.
When in reality we carry with us the mediocrity of a single star.
I no longer envy the twinkling lights that hang overhead.
I think from now on I'd rather be a planet instead.
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NRA Has All the Answers by lastchancelimited NRA Has All the Answers :iconlastchancelimited:lastchancelimited 1 0 Emotions of Grumpy Kitty by lastchancelimited Emotions of Grumpy Kitty :iconlastchancelimited:lastchancelimited 332 64
Ultimate Sailor Moon : Chapter 15
The bar was smokey by this time of night.
It was a local hotspot, the kind of place girls go to dance where no one will recognize them. It was a place they say you go to relax at, but no one in the establishment looked very relaxed. Guys were hovering around the provocatively dressed women who tossed down drink after drink with their flirty smiles.
The atmosphere was chaotic in that sensual kind of way. Voluptuous figures moved back and forth as the lights flickered to their body strokes. Eyes devoured the scene, hungry for more as their hearts lay beating uncontrollably in their chests. Their minds were filled with devious thoughts, their souls buried deep under their own desires.
No one questioned the why's and how's of the nights adventure. They found themselves here as they did every weekend. Same place, same faces, same intoxicated thoughts for another dreamless night. They were all under it's deprived spell. It was a hypnotic rhythm of drowned out music, uninhibited talking, obno
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'Warcraft - Echoes' Preview
Daniel slumped down in the cushioned captains chair and ignored the beeps and alarms that echoed all around him. His haunting blue eyes stung from the blood that seeped into them from the wound on the top of his head. He ignored the pain as he obsessively traced over every inch of the consoles and monitors in the cockpit with them.
There was a loud banging at the exit door, but he paid it no attention. He felt a strange peace as he now stared out into the endless sea of space. He thought about the freedom he had found amongst the stars , and couldn't help but grin even under the circumstances.
While Daniel daydreamed of the adventure that lead him to this point, the star ship hurdled toward its destination. In the far distance was a speck that was hard to distinguish from the other specks that littered the black sea.
"Time til arrival on Azeroth is ten minutes."
The sweet sound of his wife's voice drew Daniel out of his daze. He pushed the cracked glasses up on his nose and brushed the
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Blogzilla 1985 - Header 2 by lastchancelimited Blogzilla 1985 - Header 2 :iconlastchancelimited:lastchancelimited 1 0 Good Timing by lastchancelimited Good Timing :iconlastchancelimited:lastchancelimited 13 2
Mature content
Wendigo - Story Outline :iconlastchancelimited:lastchancelimited 0 0
Soon... by lastchancelimited Soon... :iconlastchancelimited:lastchancelimited 0 0 In Soviet Russia.... by lastchancelimited In Soviet Russia.... :iconlastchancelimited:lastchancelimited 7 6 Statement by lastchancelimited Statement :iconlastchancelimited:lastchancelimited 1 0

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Shannon Young
United States
Current Residence: Cape Girardeau, MO
Favourite genre of music: Anything that draws blood.
Favourite photographer: My DSi
Favourite style of art: Without color or mercy
Operating System: Vista 64 Bit
MP3 player of choice: WMP
Shell of choice: Of the teenage mutant ninja variety.
Wallpaper of choice: Warhammer 40k
Skin of choice: I'm not racist.
Favourite cartoon character: Captain N
You'd think I was dead or something. 
  • Listening to: "Breathe Into Me" Red
  • Watching: Mr. Show with Bob and David
  • Playing: Wildstar


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