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There hasn't been a name that elicits such wonder and fear since Jesus Christ. And like Christ himself, Godzilla is a name that remains fresh in humanity's mind, even generations after he last appeared.

The monster first appeared in Japan seven years after we dropped nuclear bombs on two of their cities. In 1945 the American government killed over two hundred thousand people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It was the first time we had used nuclear weapons against our enemies, and when we saw the destruction it would cause we decided to never use them again. There were two problems with that, though. In the long term we would provide the blueprints that would lead to our ultimate demise, and in the short term we would give birth to the world's greatest threat.


Some say he was a mutation caused from the radiation during that dark time in human history. Others say he had always existed somewhere in the deep that we had not yet explored, and our thirst for blood and vengeance had awoken the creature from his watery slumber.

It didn't really matter either way. His origins wouldn't help Japan in its battle against nature's greatest weapon. This country that we hated so much for their attack on American soil was trying to recover from our bombs when another monster appeared.

In 1954 he appeared for the first time and laid waste to Tokyo. An American reporter stationed there revealed the creature to the rest of the world, and for the first time in history, humanity had a common enemy.

He would reappear at random over the next seventy years, and humanity would set aside their own petty squabbles and band together to repel his attacks once again. Whenever we thought we had destroyed him for good, he would always return. What was once seen as a behemoth driven by instinct came to be regarded as a spirit of vengeance. Was he truly nature's weapon? There were those who believe he was sent to destroy us for our own sins. They would try to atone for those sins, but it didn't help them. Those who prayed for his forgiveness died right along with those who fought against him.

The Earth Defense Force was formed to destroy Godzilla once and for all, but our best weaponry could only drive him back into the sea. A manufacturing company named Cyberdyne began to develop weapons for the E.D.F. in the 80's, and it's Super-X fighter dealt Godzilla his greatest defeat in 1985. Even with Godzilla wounded and in retreat, humanity continued to live in the shadow of destruction until the early 90's.

While we lived in fear of Godzilla's return, a group of humanoids from a far away Planet X appeared on Earth. They claimed to be ambassadors from the stars, and they had arrived to help save humanity from the monster it had created. Their technology was far more advanced than anything we could even dream of. An agreement was made that combined the technology of these aliens with the natural resources of our planet. They named this new organization Skynet.

Years passed without an attack, and all the while Skynet integrated itself into many nation's military forces, as well as the very fabric of the world's modern technology. By the year 2000, Skynet controlled almost all aspects of communication of weaponry for the entire planet.

Godzilla reappeared soon after, and this time the Earth was ready for him. Thanks to Skynet's weaponry, we were able to take the monster by surprise and defeat him once and for all. The great destroyer met his ultimate fate on the West Coast of the United States against Skynet's greatest weapon, Mechagodzilla.

Humanity was safe at last.

Or so we thought.

With Godzilla no longer a threat, the beings from Planet X revealed their true intentions. They were parasites who traveled the stars looking for planets to dominate. With no natural resources of their own, they used up other worlds for their own benefit and terminated the natives.

Now it was our turn for termination, and we helped build the weapons they would use to kill us. Skynet took control of everything, and the first step in our extermination came when the nuclear weapons we had kept safe for so long began to drop on every country including our own.

It was Judgment Day. Billions of lives were lost in a single day. Earth, and everything we had created in our rich history, was destroyed.

Not everyone was killed on Judgment Day. Those who survived banded together to fight back against incredible odds. We were outgunned and outnumbered, but we would never quit.

I had seen this future. I had known about it since I was a child. When I was a teenager, I was told that I would someday lead the resistance against Skynet. They were so advanced that they had even mastered time travel, and one of their own had come back to protect me and prepare me for my fate. They tried to kill me before I was born. They tried twice more, but humanity isn't so easily defeated. I once ran from the future, afraid to face my destiny because I didn't think I was good enough. I couldn't stop Judgment Day, but I will retake the planet for human kind.

Our forces recently learned that Godzilla, the monster that we so desperately tried to kill throughout history, is still alive. The beings from Planet X hadn't destroyed him all those years ago. They had captured him and kept him dormant while they studied him to learn what makes him so invincible.

I will lead a strike team to free Godzilla. Our greatest threat has become our only savior. I hope that his hatred for humanity will somehow be less than his hatred for those who imprison him and treat him like a science experiment. It may be a fool's errand, but it's all we have left.

Skynet will fall. I promise you that, mother.

My name is John Connor. I lead the resistance against Skynet.

And we will win.


Shannon Young
United States
Current Residence: Cape Girardeau, MO
Favourite genre of music: Anything that draws blood.
Favourite photographer: My DSi
Favourite style of art: Without color or mercy
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MP3 player of choice: WMP
Shell of choice: Of the teenage mutant ninja variety.
Wallpaper of choice: Warhammer 40k
Skin of choice: I'm not racist.
Favourite cartoon character: Captain N
You'd think I was dead or something. 
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